Project Overview

Bleacher Report (B/R) has the third largest audience of any online sports destination with an estimated 40,000,000 unique monthly visitors.  It hired Crossfield Digital to license its bracket game technology to implement a March Madness Bracket Challenge Game for its users on and within its Team Stream mobile apps.

Crossfield was hired to see to the following key performance indicators:

  • Application uptime
  • Bracket completion rate

Dealing with an already huge audience, B/R’s Bracket Challenge Game was being promoted during the Bracket Selection Show on CBS and across various other major media outlets, including fellow Turner property CNN.  Application performance was paramount, especially during the ever-important four days before tip-off.   For this reason, Crossfield’s back-end development team built the game on Elixir to cost-effectively handle the anticipated high rate of concurrency from B/R’s audience.


93% bracket completion rate

100% Server Uptime

B/R is on the tip of the wave of properties whose audience comes primarily on mobile.  Crossfield was hired specifically because of its experience in mobile gaming.  Our team was asked to re-think the mobile UI/UX for bracket games to ensure a high completion rate.  We implemented a thumb-tapping experience where a user could pick the winner by tapping logo A or logo B quickly throughout the bracket.


Bleacher Report


March Madness Bracket Game

What We Did

Web development, Gaming, UI/UX design