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Welcome to the new!

By March 27, 2017 No Comments

Crossfield Digital launched officially on October 25, 2015 with a roster four clients. Today, we re-launched, 512 days after our pivot from gaming studio to enterprise digital agency, and it’s with great pride that we can boast a work portfolio from a roster of clients and a roster of our own team that have both more than doubled.

That kind of growth in such a short time frame is both exhilarating and stressful. We’ve gotten to build amazing products and work with great clients – but also did so under tight deadlines with limited resources.   Such limited resources that we have put off a lot of the necessary work that’s required to effectively demonstrate who we are and what we do in the most standard and well-known ways in today’s world. Our website hadn’t been updated in months; we haven’t updated our email distribution list; we haven’t crafted our own brand message strategy. How could we?

We’re too busy developing and supporting the first-ever ticketing market place for Spanish speakers.

We’re too busy developing the world’s first fan-run professional sports franchise.

We’re too busy building a new web platform for one of the longest tenured professional tennis leagues in the country.

We’re too busy hosting one of the most widely used March Madness bracket games in the market.

We’re too busy re-designing the online home for one of the largest professional soccer tours in the world.

And on and on.

Let’s be real – developing an agency website is child’s play from a development perspective. That’s not why it kept getting put off. It’s hard in other ways.   How can we allocate the resources necessary to complete the work? How can we be thoughtful and creative in how we demonstrate to site visitors our work, team and capabilities all in the context of our company culture, personality, and style?

In the end, we heeded the advice we often give clients: launch day is only the beginning of the product, not the end. We decided the most important thing we could do from the outset is make the site more modern and usable, make it so that users can learn about the most significant work we’ve done, and the team that did it. That’s what you see today. The site will no doubt evolve in the coming weeks and months, but in the meantime, we hope you like what you see.