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Project Overview

The International Champions Cup is club soccer's premier summer tournament. Inaugurated in 2013, the annual event’s scope rapidly increased, and by 2015 matches were being played on four continents between fifteen clubs, including Chelsea, Manchester United, and Real Madrid.

The ICC team quickly outgrew their existing website and approached Crossfield before the 2015 season about building something that reflected the premier nature of the tournament.

Key Site Features

  • Custom content management system
  • Sports data integration
  • Score ticker
  • Game cast
  • Ad tech
  • Third party video integration
  • Responsive UI/UX

Consulting/strategy services

  • Content partnerships
  • Advertising and sponsorship sales
  • Sports data
  • Live and on-demand video production
  • Multimedia storage and rights management


InternationalChampionsCup.com served over

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soccer fans during the 2015 tournament
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over 29M ad impressions
were delivered to 19 partners
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Pageviews increased by
9.06% YoY
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Pages per session increased by
53% YoY
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Average session duration increased by
53% YoY
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Bounce rate decreased by
20% YoY


We spoke with Relevent Sports, the company that operates the ICC, about their needs. At the time they were using a platform solution which was functional but cumbersome and didn’t allow for growth. After understanding their business goals, we distilled their needs down to the following:

  • make it easier to buy tickets
  • support more content during the tournament
  • maximize value for sponsors

In a period of three months (in time for ticket sales) we designed and implemented a solution that addressed all of these points.

Strategy and Development

Content Management

The ICC had some content management needs that were beyond the scope of most CMS systems. In addition to the posting of articles, photos, and video, the following were required:

  • ability to syndicate articles from sponsors’ websites
  • ability to set soccer match start times and trigger certain events on the website (eg: remove ticket purchasing links)
  • ability to connect teams and matches to ICC’s live data source (to power scoreboard/gamecast)
  • ability to stream live video from matches

Crossfield built a multi-user CMS that not only enabled these features but was easy to use (the intuitive interface required only minimal training).

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"Crossfield Digital brings a level of creativity and extensive knowledge of the industry that allowed us to execute all of our goals in a timely manner. We look forward to continue working with Crossfield as our property continues to grow and expand globally. "

- David Tyler, CEO Relevent Sports

Ticket Sales

As with any sporting event, one of the ICC’s most important tasks was selling tickets. Crossfield’s design made it easy to purchase online directly from the tournament or from secondary markets.

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Match Day Content

We worked closely with the ICC to forge key partnerships with Bleacher Report, deltaTre, Perform Group and others to bring new content to the site. Our development team leveraged those partnerships to produce a real-time match scores ticker and gamecast pages which included live commentary, in addition to previews and recaps for each match.


The ICC’s sponsorship sales unit worked closely with Crossfield’s strategy team to maximize the site’s value for premier brands like Guinness, Audi, Nike, Gatorade and others. Our early phase planning and awareness of deal flow allowed us to quickly deploy digital campaigns which included ad served impressions (using tools from Doubleclick) as well as custom placements like home page takeovers.