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Project Overview

One of four Major Tennis Championships and the only to be played in the United States, the US Open features the world’s best players, competing at the highest level in front of hundreds of thousands of fans at the United States Tennis Center in Queens, NY and tens of millions of fans on television around the world.

The United States Tennis Association and Crossfield Digital worked together to bring a series of digital games to tennis fans on web and mobile with the goals of enhancing engagement, unlocking new and cutting-edge digital sponsorship inventory for their partners, and capturing user data for future marketing purposes.

Bracket Game

Pre-Tournament Engagement

Key Features

  • Progress bar
  • Easy login
  • Intuitive interface
  • Responsive design/
    easy to embed
Ico check f314577626a224a71e9f8403356fe5d515bc525dceff4cff07efb3db383ceb63 80% completion rate

Streak Game

Casual Daily Engagement

Key Features

  • Flexible admin
  • Flexible question types
  • Responsive design/
    easy to embed
  • Recurring daily engagement
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avg. sessions
per user

Live Prediction Game

Live Match Engagement

Key Features

  • Ideal for hardcore fans
  • Synchronized gameplay with live action
  • Questions every 30-90 secs
  • Chat/share/compete
    with friends
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min avg.
user session


Live Prediction Game

In 2014, Crossfield Digital (then PrePlay) leveraged its prediction gaming technology to bring a first-of-its-kind product to market: a white label HTML5 web based live prediction game that enabled fans to predict every point of every US Open match in real-time. The US Open Live Prediction Challenge presented by LG G3 was embedded as a web view within the US Open’s native iOS and Android mobile applications.

The product came to market thanks to Crossfield’s cooperation and integration with several disparate providers and partners:

USTA: Rights holder

IDS: Live data feed provider

IBM: Native mobile app provider

LG: Presenting sponsor

Thanks to the incredible support of the USTA and Crossfield’s dedicated engineering, project, and account management teams which worked tirelessly to ensure fulfillment and delivery of every custom feature, ad unit, brand placement and contest element, Crossfield launched a truly innovative game on time and bug free. Over 10,000 daily active users played the game, averaging over 33 minutes per session.

Bracket Game

As if launching a first-of-its-kind live prediction game wasn’t enough work for Crossfield Digital – it also managed to deliver the USTA a new bracket game product (US Open Bracket Challenge presented by Xerox), which enabled fans to predict the winner of each of the 127 men’s and women’s singles matches in a traditional bracket style format.

Crossfield improved upon the USTA’s existing solution by providing responsive design, which enabled a simple bracket selection experience for users on every screen size. Crossfield’s careful user experience considerations (like including a progress bar and simple one-tap selection feature) were imperative to ensure bracket completion success. Making it easy for users to complete 127 picks plus a tiebreaker all on a mobile phone is no small feat. But users did so at an astounding 88 percent clip.

Streak Game

Crossfield recognized that its live prediction game was not for every user; an intense game-play experience with prediction opportunities every 60-90 seconds was only for hard-core fans. So we created a more casual game that asked users curated 50-50 questions just one time per session. Users with correct answers would build up a streak and could win big prizes with the longest streak throughout the tournament.

Launched for the first time during the 2015 US Open, the US Open Streak Challenge presented by esurance proved to be another effective engagement tool for the USTA, as each active user averaged at least 10 sessions during the tournament.